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Choosing a Memory Care community for your loved one is not an easy decision. You want a community that offers the highest level of care and comfort, access to the latest and most relevant technologies, and a team of caregivers who are as warm and compassionate as they are skilled. A member of the Avenir Senior Living family, Westminster Memory Care in South Aiken, South Carolina, is designed to exceed all expectations, with licensed nursing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, a beautiful campus near Westwood, and innovative programming that inspires participation and joy.

The best and most effective Memory Care starts with the individual. Our Roundtable approach brings family, caregivers, and residents together to address needs based on personal likes and dislikes, interests, and each resident’s own unique personality. By building relationships based on warmth and trust, we can see change as it develops and adjust as required. In addition to daily observation, we take a thorough look at each care plan every 90 days to make sure we are doing our best for every resident.

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We offer a mosaic of personalized care that reaches further and connects deeper than more traditional Memory Care communities in South Aiken, South Carolina. With evidence-based programming, a specially trained team of caregivers, and our Roundtable approach to individualized care and service, Westminster Memory Care expands opportunities for meaning and connection every day.

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